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Towards Manpower Development

Sixty to seventy percent of African countries  are involved in the agricultural sector. Despite this, they can not yet meet their major food requirements. The sector is bedevilled by various factors like inadequate farm inputs, shortage of storage and processing facilities, illiteracy of the farmers to mention but a few. Recognizing bottlenecks, Black African Rehabilitating Foundation has embarked upon many field projects aimed at empowering farmers especially in the rural areas.

We visited a rural area in Ogun state  western part of Nigeria where the farmers were engaged intellectual discuss aimed towards increase in their overall food production and better farm practices. Farm inputs and implements  were given to the villagers in form of cutlasses, hoes, bags of fertilizer and insecticides.The Baale(Head of the villagers) commending the kind gesture said,” These tools provided will help boost  our production.”

These our mandates of seeing vulnerability and dependence of African youcodkin their government reduced to the bare minimum is further captured in our 2020 codenamed “Barf Learn A Craft Initiative”. The project will see to the entrepreneural empowerment of five thousand Nigerians. You can help us achieve this by becoming a donor today.

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