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Towards Poverty Reduction

Black African Rehabilitating Foundation(BARF) recognises the prevailing menace of poverty in African countries, Nigeria precisely. Many families in Nigeria cannot afford in fact not just three square meals but a square meal per day; many are destitute of clothing;and tons of others lack shelter..

To this end, in one of our field outreach we visited Ibadan, a major city in Oyo State, southwestern part of Nigeria. A sizable portion of the dwellers, ranging from beggars who are mostly northerners to labourers, were adequately fed by the foundation.

The representative of the dwellers fed commending the effort of the organisation noted that if the government and other stakeholders in the system will follow our footsteps, Africa will become a paradigm of beauty and development.

Moreover, the rural dwellers of Olodo village benefited from the rice distributed by the organization.  Our foundation understands the relative danger lack of food – the most important basic need of life – can cause to an individual. So, we have taken upon ourselves the distribution of bags of rice and other foodstuffs to orphanages. Recently we visited Gideons Orphanage Homes.

We are  committed  to seeing a healthy and wealthy Africa. And we will continue to put smiles on the faces of the destitute. You can be a part of this today by becoming a donor or volunteer.

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