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Towards Child Education

Towards Child Education

The bulk of the African populace are under the grapple of stark illiteracy- the inability to read,write or comprehend formal and acceptable spoken or written means of communication. Undoubtedly, illiteracy ravages it victims beyond imagination. It engenders limitations  in different aspects of its victims’ life ranging from career,social to domestic life. Sometimes, it is not the action or inaction of the illiterate that makes them what they are. Certain factors which are beyond their scope of regulation are responsible for his dilemma.

To these end our laudable project “Give A Child A Schoolpack” was launched. At the Olodo Community Nursery and Primary School where the project was implemented numerous school children destitute  of school bags,sandals and stationeries were given same. They were addressed and their morale was boosted. Also the school fee of some  brilliant ones were paid and their outstanding debts retired. Al-Amin Adewunmi was given scholarship  up to the university level. We appreciate adult education  but we see child education  as paramount. You can help us reach the likes of school children as these  by being a donor today.

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