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Towards Youth engagement and empowerment

Towards Youth engagement and empowerment

Black African Rehabilitating Foundation (BARF) recognizes the threats of massive youth unemployment and restiveness as well as the anti-social behaviors of youths when not economically engaged.BARF embarked on combating idle human capacity to economic activities through entrepreneurship development by launching its Learn A Craft Initiative in 2018 aimed at training and empowering 10,000 participants across different regions in Nigeria. Beneficiaries will receive skills training, mentorship, and empowerment that can help create wealth, taking into cognizance the broad framework of the UNDP’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) which is to eradicate poverty and also UNDEF’s supported key initiatives such as tools for knowledge and youth engagement. Join us as we put a smile on these faces of our youth and help make their dreams come true. Be a part of this today by becoming a donor or volunteer 

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